Visual Basic 6 Programs by Robert Rayment

Name Description Source EXE
PaintRR PaintRR by Robert Rayment.. Apr 2020 Further code modifications to counter bad Windows 10 response to mouse actions. Mar 2020.. Upgrade to compensate for slow mouse response in Windows 10 compared with Windows 7. Jan 2020 Correction for 2nd PaintRR and MS changed GDIPlus again. Will now assume Windows 10 has GDIPlus. .Feb 2018.. Correction to GDIPlusToken..March 2016. Too many things to describe in detail here - so a list. 26 Main menu items, over 260 Drawing tools (arranged in 19 Tool groups), 55 Filters, 67 Deformers, 30 More Effects, 6 Textures, 14 Half-Tones all with variations and animation, Print Preview, Image merging, Draw mode, Zoom mode, Trace mode, Clipboard functions, bmp, jpeg, gif, png & tif saving, picture drop onto exe, ini file for recent files, form locations, saved colors and color scheme etc, etc. Important to read the on-screen help. Only fully tested on WinXP and Win7 but tested OK by others on WinME, Vista, Win8.1 and Win10. Acknowledgements in the help file. I enjoyed writing this and hope you at least find it entertaining:) NOTE: If the chm help file, PaintRR_Imp.chm, does not work then open it on it's own and uncheck the security button or maybe Unblock and open. See PaintRRUpdate.txt for the latest additions. See snapshot of some of the menus and a collection of some treeas, bushes and plants. .
RRChess ~RRChess~ by Robert Rayment. March 2016. Program to solve checkmate problems and play chess games with another person or against the computer. The chess engine is at novice level, only operating at 4 or 5-ply, so you should be able to win fairly easily but it might surprise you at times. Making such a program bug-free I found quite difficult. So far as I can tell, all the legal moves, castling rules, en passant, promotion etc are OK. There are WAV sounds in the resource file for CHECK, CHECKMATE etc. Games and positions can be saved and loaded. See Help for more info. in particular the section on Starting a game. (Zip 500 KB). See image.
TinyGFX TinyGFX32 by Robert Rayment. March 2016. Program to make small bitmaps, icons and cursors - 1 x 1 to 64 x 64....See screenshot of main window. NOTE if the tinygfx.chm help file doesn't work with the program, open it on it's own, uncheck the security button and open.
Wavettes ~Wavettes~ by Robert Rayment. March 2016. Designer for short WAVs using some maths formulae and a range of settings. Screenshot shows the settings. There are 3 dozen Presets (from the millions) to show the idea. These can be added to, from the program, and are saved in Presets.txt in the same folder. So can be easily editted with Notepad or whatever. WAVs can be saved as 8 or 16 bit mono, though there is usually not much difference. Some code is adapted from Ulli's prog at (PSC,CodeId=64845) and a UC container from Eric Madison at (PSC,CodeId=40130) is used. Making noisy WAVs is not to everyones's taste but I found it quite amusing and perhaps some of you will too! Zip 164 KB.